Excellence in career education

Practice, Persistence and Performance

•       Academic excellence and integrity
•       Outstanding teaching and service
•       Diversity, equity, and social justice
•       Education of individuals across the life span
•       Innovation and pursuit of excellence in career education.


Established in year 2017, Braintree Campus is a leading tertiary education provider in Srilanka which is situated in a convenient location at Colombo.

Formed to conduct internationally recognized educational programs in association with Foreign educational institutes & deliver courses with high standards. Braintree Campus offers Certificate level programs, Diplomas, Higher National Diplomas, Pre-University foundation programs, Undergraduate programs and Masters level programs in association with leading Universities and educational service providers in Malaysia, USA, UK and Australia. Braintree Campus is equipped with modern facilities, a campus should have from the latest teaching/learning technological appliances to comfortable and air-conditioned lecture rooms. We offer students with the required skills to work both in Sri Lanka and in the International market place and Study Abroad services provide free guidance and counselling services to students to obtain admissions to top universities in the world.


Adhering to our motto, ‘Educate to transcend’ we, at Braintree International, believe that a great responsibility is vested on us, as educators of the modern world. We mentor our students to sharpen their intelligence and enable them to accomplish their aspirations. Simultaneously, we instill in them a positive value system that shapes their attitude, outlook and conduct, that provides a strong foundation for them to tackle the challenges of life.

We encourage independent thinking that helps students in developing holistic perception, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skill sets and positive attitude. The endeavors on the part of management are to provide the best in terms of knowledge, infrastructure & environment. Here, we believe in efficiency, quality, and creativity. Braintree invites those aspiring minds who dream it big and want to leave their marks for the future generations.

Managing Director
Saranya Suriyaprakasam