Braintree Campus

Steeping into 3rd year in the education sector/industry, Braintree Campus providing internationally recognized courses partnering with the leading universities from Malaysia. It aims to provide the most cost effective, meaningful courses which creates a knowledge-based workforce to compete globally which bring forward the latest class of leaders and intellects who holds the combinations of strategic sense and inherent understanding of how they think; skills and talents could be applied in achieving the overall endeavors. 

Braintree Business focus

  • Foundation programme

We offer Pre-University foundation programs, Certificate courses coordinating with leading Universities/educational service providers in Malaysia, USA, UK & in Australia; Which will create a clear education pathway to students to achieve their study needs.

  • Study abroad & work programme

The gate way to Malaysia and other European countries starts from Braintree Campus as we help to reach your dream study destination. Braintree campus study abroad programme will be your pathway to foreign universities and career success on the global stage which provides study abroad counselling programs.

SEGi university students in Malaysia are permitted to work during their studies; and will be allowed to work part-time up to minimum hours per week.

  • University transfer programme

As we grow our education partnership with SEGi University Malaysia, they assist the students to pursue their studies in the preferred location in UK, USA & Australia with the university transfer programme; where the students can study the 1st or 2nd year of your degree in Malaysia and the final year abroad at partner universities in UK, US & Australia. This option is also open to international students in the country.

Malaysia – The most affordable study abroad destination

Malaysia has one of the highest education participation rates in the world today. In turn, this has had a positive impact on the economic growth and development of the country. Malaysia is ranked the world’s 11th most preferred education destination in the world among international students by UNESCO.

Malaysia is the one of the world’s most popular for coastal tourism. It is a food heaven, arguably among the world’s best India, China, Indonesia and Thailand, while Malaysia is the mix of all. Multiculturalism has made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise, and it made Malaysia home to hundreds of colourful festivals, creating a tradition of celebration. Malaysians are very warm and friendly.

About Malaysia

  • Capital: Kuala Lumpur
  • Population: 31.62 million 
  • Language: Malay is the national language but English is widely spoken
  • Religion: Islam is the official religion but all other religions are freely practiced
  • Climate: Average temperature: 32°C (90°F), Tropical climate with warm weather all year around
  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit indicated as RM
  • Time: GMT+8 and 16 hours ahead of U.S. Pacific Standard Time

Malaysia had 20 public universities, 53 private universities and six foreign university branch campuses; 403 active private colleges, 30 polytechnics and 73 public community colleges in 2011. These HEIs offer a wide range of tertiary qualifications at affordable prices.

Why Malaysia?

  1. Quality of the education
  2. Malaysian universities are improving fast and has upgraded its standards; and aren’t far behind from universities that impart world-class education. Some of the universities offer courses in Computer Science and Engineering that rank among the world’s top 100 courses. Credits on education system and its focus on international standards.

  3. Accessibility for international degrees
  4. Many foreign universities, especially Australian and British, have affiliations with campuses in Malaysia. For example, University of Southern Queensland (Australia) and the University of Sunderland (UK), both among the top 100 universities in the world have partnered with SEGi University, Malaysia.

  5. Low cost of Study and living
  6. The cost of studying and living in Malaysia is comparatively lower than countries such as Singapore, Australia, US, UK and etc. While an undergraduate course at the Malaysian university would cost a lower amount than the other universities in the world which has the same weightage and the marking methods which has the equal qualification.

  7. Job opportunities
  8. International students studying in Malaysia are allowed to work part-time for minimum hours per week. Students are encouraged to work in mini markets, restaurants and cafes, hotels and petrol stations.

  9. Safety
  10. Malaysia is one of the safest and politically stable countries in the world with a relatively low crime rate.  In 2011 survey ranked Malaysia the 19th most peaceful country out of 153 countries.

  11. No language barrier
  12. Since Malay is the official language of Malaysia, English is widely used for education & business purposes. Majority of the universities in Malaysia conduct their lectures in English. Hence, it is easier for international students to understand the lectures better.

  13. Wide variety of foods

With the many cultures thriving together in Malaysia, this country is a heaven with a great variety of cuisines. Both Halal and non-Halal dishes are widely available in Malaysia.


Countries we serve

Since Malaysia is a wealthy, prosperous and a welcoming country for international students; Braintree Campus Srilanka assist the students to pursue an internationally recognized Malaysian degree in Srilanka or help them to fly to Malaysia for higher studies.

Braintree Campus, Srilanka provides a wide range of facilities such as providing foundation & certificate courses, students counseling, study abroad facilities, university transfer programmes etc.

Apart from Malaysia, our campus maintains relationship with UK, USA & Australian universities for study abroad and university transfer programme where a student can fully complete a degree in Malaysia or complete their final year in the above-mentioned countries.

Braintree Campus SriLanka has partnered with SEGi University & Colleges and MAHSA University Malaysia for educational & study abroad purposes. Apart from Malaysian Universities we maintain a close relationship with University of Sunderland (UK), University of Greenwich (UK) University of Central Lancashire (UK), Abertay University (UK), University of London (UK), Keele University (UK), University of St Mark & St John (UK), University of Southern Queensland (AUS) & Troy University (USA) for university transfer programmes.


Courses available for students

  • Business Studies
  • Engineering & The Built Environment
  • Health Science & Allied Health Science
  • Creative Arts & Design
  • Communication Studies
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Technology & Innovation
  • English & Public Relations
  • American Degree Programme
  • Psychology
  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Foundation & Certificate Studies


Why Select Braintree Campus

Since Braintree Campus is providing high quality services in education and in other areas such as study abroad and university transfer programmes; for a minimal cost, our institute has become a trusted education partner by the students. Our partnership with foreign universities has strengthen the quality of the education and made available wide variety of international courses locally, and students easily access to the preferred study area.

Personal care is given to each student through our professionals in the field to help students to select the best suited education institute. We also assist our students by providing a wide range of services from obtaining offers from Universities, assistance in visa preparation, pre-departure guidance to post-departure assistance.

Other services provided by Braintree Campus

  1. Free students counselling.
  2. Assistance in special courses. e.g. IELTS
  3. Assistance in documentation and other requirements
  4. Acts as the communicator between the students & foreign universities
  5. Achieving high visa success rate