Malaysia is an exciting melting pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together, creating a culturally diverse and naturally beautiful hub.
Geographically, Malaysia is as diverse as its culture. There are two parts to the country: 11 states in the Peninsula of Malaysia and 2 states in the island of Borneo.
With leisure options from rolling mountains to sandy beaches to exciting shopping districts, Malaysia is full of surprises, eclectic cultures and natural wonders.

Why study in Malaysia

Malaysia is Asia’s Emerging Higher Education Hub and it is quickly becoming a top study destination for students from all over the world. Malaysia is having world renowned great universities which provides quality education for an affordable cost. 
In recent times Malaysia has become a preferred country for foreign investment in the higher education sector which attracts the foreign students to study in this country.
Moreover, foreign degrees can be easily obtained in Malaysia as a major part of Malaysia’s state investment in higher education is its growing partnerships with universities in other countries. Many foreign universities, especially UK, USA and Australian universities having branch campuses in Malaysia.
In the southern Malaysia city of Johor, developers are building EduCity Iskandar, a giant international student village and campus shared by eight leading universities. An Olympic-sized swimming pool and 14,000 seat sports stadium is among the impressive facilities the campus will boast when it is completed in 2018.

When comparing the cost of studies in Malaysia, while an undergraduate course at the UK Campuses would cost £13,470, and the same course at the Malaysia campus would cost just under half as much (approximately £7,000). The course is the same module content, has the same evaluation criteria and the same marking scheme which results in receiving the same degree with the same status, but at a significantly lower cost. Also take into consideration that the cost of living in Malaysia in comparison to that of the UK is considerably lower too which means your maintenance costs are less of a financial burden too. It’s a win-win situation.
With certain industries on the rise and a growing economy, Malaysia is in need of skilled workers. In addition, there is a particular demand for graduates in accounting, biotechnology and computer science sectors. Being able to witness the development of these industries will keep you ahead of the game as well as to having the opportunity to network to make the all-important contacts to get your first step on the career ladder.


Some Interesting Facts about Malaysia

  • Lah!
    When you hear a group of Malaysians speaking, you may hear lah thrown around a lot. Sometimes in almost every sentence.
  • Rasa sayang popular song
    Rasa Sayang is the popular Malay folk song you will hear throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. It means “loving feeling”
  • Petronas towers
    The famous and iconic Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur are the world’s tallest twin buildings at 452m (1,483 ft) high.
  • Biggest roundabout on Earth
    The biggest roundabout in the world is located in Putrajaya is 2.2 miles and has a diameter of 3.5km.

Climate: Average temperature: 32°C (90°F), Tropical climate with warm weather all year around
Annual rainfall varies from 2 000mm to 2 500mm

Working in Malaysia
Normally students are not permitted to work in Malaysia when they are in student visa; however, but as an option of earning in Malaysia, SEGi University specially allows the students to work only 20 hours per week.

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