The cost for a student living in Malaysia would vary as per student’s interest whether to stay in campus accommodation or to stay privately. Accordingly, SEGi University provides on campus accommodation services to students, which would rate from RM 400 – RM 620 which include electricity & water charges, facilities including swimming pool, fitness centers, security, restaurant & cafeteria.

Malaysia offers a range of accommodation options, and the price is highly dependent on what you are after. When looking for accommodation it is always good to enquire about the local traffic in the area, and to double check the daily routes you will take as a short distance can become a long commute during rush hour traffic.

Food prices are generally quite low, particularly if you are buying local products. Malaysia has a fine range of cuisine from across the world, and this is reflected in the many types of restaurants available. Street food in Malaysia is a great experience and provides for a cheap night out.

The cost of buses in Malaysia is much lower than the cost of the subway and taxis; roughly the cost of tickets for the 15 km route in Malaysia is 1 ringgit. Using the metro is a very popular way of transport in Kuala Lumpur. Using public transport can become a lifesaver.